Heartfelt Valentine Gift Ideas to Express Your Love in Nigeria

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate love than with thoughtful gifts for your special someone? In Nigeria, the vibrant culture and diverse tastes offer a myriad of options to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable. Whether you’re planning for your partner, spouse, or a close friend, here are some heartwarming gift ideas that capture the essence of love in Nigeria.

  1. Adorn with Traditional Jewelry: Dive into the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria by gifting your loved one exquisite traditional jewelry. Be it coral beads, intricately designed necklaces, or locally crafted accessories, these pieces symbolize the depth and uniqueness of your relationship.
  2. A Taste of Nigerian Cuisine: Treat your loved one to a delightful culinary experience. Prepare or order a romantic dinner featuring Nigerian delicacies like jollof rice, suya, or moi moi. Add a personal touch by setting up a cozy dinner table and savoring the flavors of love together.
  3. Personalized Ankara Fashion: Gift your beloved a touch of Nigerian fashion with personalized Ankara clothing or accessories. Whether it’s a bespoke Ankara dress, a stylish bag, or even customized shoes, let them carry a piece of Nigerian style wherever they go.
  4. Create a Love Playlist: Music is a universal language of love. Compile a playlist of Nigerian love songs that hold sentimental value for both of you. From classic tunes to contemporary hits, let the music narrate your journey together.
  5. Explore Nigerian Art and Crafts: Nigeria boasts a vibrant art scene. Consider gifting a piece of Nigerian art or a handmade craft item. It could be a painting, sculpture, or even a woven basket – a unique expression of your affection.
  6. Plan a Weekend Getaway: Escape the routine and plan a romantic weekend getaway to a picturesque location in Nigeria. Whether it’s the serene beaches, lush mountains, or historic sites, create lasting memories together.
  1. Personalized Frames: Our favourite. Frame your love with a personalized name tag frame. Showcase your special moments together with a beautifully crafted frame featuring your names and a memorable date. This unique and thoughtful gift will be a constant reminder of the love you share.

Conclusion: Valentine’s Day in Nigeria is an opportunity to celebrate love in the richness of its cultural diversity. Choose a gift that resonates with your loved one’s personality and the unique bond you share.

Remember, the most meaningful gifts come from the heart. Happy Valentine’s Day! đź’–

Quality and Affordable Picture Frames in Nigeria

We all wonder from time to time where to get quality and affordable picture frames in Nigeria. So in this article we will look at the factors that make one. But while it might sound just as easy to buy a picture frame from any homeware retailer, the secret to preserving your artwork lies in knowing what goes into a great quality frame.

If you are wondering whether to frame a picture yourself or leave the job to the professionals, we’ve taken our years of framing expertise and put them into the following article below. Keep reading to find out what those stores won’t tell you about the construction of a high-quality picture frame.

The Frame

As the name suggests, this is the most familiar part of the framing process for most people. The actual frame itself is a protective and decorative edging made of wood that comes in a variety of widths; depths and designs. Whether you’re considering large to small frames, in minimal to extravagant designs, it is important to get the style and sizing right before going ahead.

The Glass

The glazing is the first line of defense for your artwork against the external environment. Without this protective barrier, your picture is at risk of damage from dust or physical damage, as well as humidity and condensation. Picture frame glazing is usually made using either glass or acrylic both of which come in several options depending on the level of protection required and your budget. Starting at Clear Float Glass, this is a standard choice that goes up to Non-Glare and Museum Glass (high UV protection). Acrylic Perspex comes in clear and non-glare and is perfect in larger frames where hanging weight may be an issue.

The Matboard

An additional feature in a custom frame is an optional surround or matboard, placed between the glass and artwork. Aside from providing a border and colour accent that enhances the image, it creates a space between the art and glass. Depending on your artwork size, individual mats can be layered to create double or triple mats. Our standard matboard range offers a large range of colours and finishes, with a bright white core for a clean-cut bevel. We also stock varying conservation quality matboards including acid-free RagMats and Museum quality mats for the ultimate level of conservation framing.

The Backing

The backing board sits at the back of the frame and is unseen, providing a rigid, sturdy backing to keep your artwork from moving or warping. The two main options we offer for backing board are basic and adhesive foam core, the latter of which is not advised for irreplaceable artwork. Frame Today only uses acid-free foam core that prevents discolouration, or browning, of your piece. Even our cost-effective Everyday range use acid-free backing board.

Are you looking for somewhere to print your photo and buy an affordable picture frame without losing out on value? Talk Frames offers an easy print & frame service that delivers the same quality our custom framing customers have come to expect. We can take the images stored on your phone or camera and turn them into quality framed prints in a range of sizes.

Let us help

If you are looking for help professionally framing your artwork or a poster, we can help you find the right frame guaranteed to last.

As always, we also extend our lifetime guarantee on all framing work to assure that you are receiving the highest level of workmanship and materials. Our expert team can also recommend the best way to correctly hang your artwork, protect from humidity and generally ensure you get the most out of your display.

Heartfelt Customized Picture Frames in Nigeria

Customized picture frames refer to picture frames that contain personalization to make the frame unique, and this personal touch can be both an advantage and disadvantage. As an advantage of this personal touch, these picture frames can stand out from the many generic frames available, thereby helping the gift recipient feel appreciated and touched by the extra thought that went into making the purchase. On the other hand, this personalization can lead to problems. For instance, a frame can be engraved to include names and personal messages. Mistakes, however, can occur, and names could end up spelled wrong, leaving the purchaser with a basically useless gift.

Among the advantages of customized picture frames is the ability to match the frame to a particular occasion, such as a frame engraved with a special message to honor Mother’s Day. For a wedding, picture frames could be given out customized with the pictures of the couple and text describing the event and date of the wedding. Most aspects of the frame can usually be personalized in the design process, including the colors, materials, and font choices. Beads, scroll patterns, and even environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo can be incorporated into the custom frame.

With an endless range of customization options, frames can be chosen that complement the style of the picture. For instance, to frame an old black and white photo, a more traditional-looking wooden frame may be the best look. A silver-plated frame design, however, may be preferred for an elegant contemporary look for a full color picture. The look of the frame can also be chosen to favorably represent passions or hobbies, such as choosing a custom frame designed with butterflies or roses.

For businesses, a positive of customized picture frames is the ability to extend brand awareness by designing frames tailored with the business logo and name. Usually, frames are not tucked away out of site, but prominently placed on shelves, desks, and other locations within a home or office by clients and staff. Every time these frames are glanced at, they can potentially create awareness and encourage brand interest.

Frames come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, some companies that offer these customized picture frames are able to accommodate different dimensions. This allows frames to be used to cover images without having to cut down the picture and makes frames ideal for protecting and displaying printed digital art, diplomas, and other important documents.

Before purchasing a customized picture frame, one possible negative to consider is the fact that these frames are not usually available immediately. Most custom frames are available from online stores and generally are not accessible from home retailer stores. Additionally, once an order is placed, the frames may not arrive for several days or longer than a week in some cases. If frames are needed for an immediate use or if the shipment is delayed for some reason, the frames may not arrive in time for a specific occasion.

Challenges with buying customized frames

Maybe the biggest concern with buying customized picture frames is the price. Basic generic frames are sold at fixed prices. The final cost for a frame with personal elements, however, can vary depending on various options, including the total amount of text included, the materials used, and applicable shipping fees that are required when purchasing online.

Personalized name frames

Photographs showcase the important people in our life. There is no better way to portray your family at home or at work than with name picture frames. These impeccably made wooden name frames come in a vast selection of shapes and shades to compliment any home or office environment. With so many choices, you can convey any message you want to send.

Whether commemorating a special event or capturing the simplicity of everyday life, you can proudly display all of your photographs in our unique picture frames. With our multiple photo frames, you can show off all of your child’s proudest moments. We also have multiple photo and multiple name frames, so you can display all of your children or two people special to you within one frame. Show how important your family is by using your family name and incorporating your whole family into one of our frames.

Looking for the perfect gift? For the new mother, our personalized name frames are a great choice. Nothing will touch someone more than seeing pictures of their children in our beautifully crafted, personalized name frames. You can also incorporate the meaning of the newborn’s name to the frame to convey just how special this child is. Grandparents love their grandchildren. A personalized picture with their grandchildren’s names will surely bring a smile to their face. Better yet, a picture frame of the proud grandparent with their grandchildren and personalized with both the child’s and grandparent’s names will fill them with pride.

Capture a couple’s wedding day with our dual named frames to highlight their special day and give the newlyweds a special gift that they will treasure for years to come.

To lose a loved one is always difficult. Show you remember by incorporating a special poem or quote next to a treasured photograph of your loved one in our name picture frames and create a sentimental keepsake that you will treasure for years to come.

Personalized picture frames can turn your favorite photograph into something very special. Whether it is for yourself or for a unique gift, our picture frames are sure to receive many compliments.

Where to buy custom picture frames in Nigeria

You can purchase from custom pictures frames from Talkframes.

How much for custom picture frames in Nigeria

Here are the prices for custom picture frames

8×10 inches = 4500
8×12 inches = 5000
10×12 inches = 6000
12×16 inches = 7500
16×20 inches= 10000
18×24 inches = 12000
20×24 inches= 15000
24×30 inches =18000
24×36 inches = 22000
30×40 inches = 25000
40×40 inches is 35000

Contact us for your custom picture frames

You can reach us on Whatsapp

Your Nigerian Home Makeover on a Budget in 2022

These easy, inexpensive tips can help breathe new life into your decor.


In Nigeria, we’re constantly thinking about decor. With all of the tech we bring in, we want it to still look like a stylish and relaxing space — not one overrun by machines.

Start with paint

We’ve learned a lot along the way about how technology can make tricky decorating tasks — like picking a paint color — so much easier, and how to seamlessly blend smart home devices into your home.

Are your walls in need of a fresh coat of paint? You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) start the process by staring at rows and rows of paint chips at the hardware store.

Many major paint brands, including Sherwin Williams, Behr and Valspar, have websites where you can use photos of your space to virtually apply color to your walls. That gives you the chance to see how a paint shade will look, before you even head to the store.

Color sensors like this one from Nix can help you match paint colors to your wall.

If you’ve ever tried to match a paint color, you know it’s tricky to get just the right hue when you don’t know the original paint brand and shade. Again, the major paint brands can help with color-matching apps. You can also buy dedicated color-matching sensors that are pricey, but can work better than an app.

Need some color inspiration for you walls? Try one of these famous shades.

Paint your walls with these famous hues




+10 more

See all photos 

Now, add art

Your paint is dry, but what if your walls are bare? If you don’t already have a stash of artwork, it can be expensive to build up a collection, and hard to find pieces that reflect your personality better than the generic art you’ll find at a big box store.

Try TalkFrames, where you can find thousands of pieces of artwork that match anyone’s taste and budget. Ready to frame those pieces? Avoid the high costs of custom frames with sites like Framebridge or Etsy.

Looking for the ultimate art experience at home? Check out the Depict Frame (above). It brings museum-quality artwork into your house that would only otherwise be available for millions at an auction. At $899, it’s not even remotely cheap, but you get access to thousands of famous pieces.

Hang it right

Now that you have your art, your next step is to hang it. What seems like an easy task can feel hard, but it doesn’t have to be. With a just a few supplies, you can hang your art perfectly every single time.

Looking to fill up a wall with art? Start with a gallery wall. They might seem hard, but with a few supplies and a bit of time, you can create one that looks amazing and adds a lot to your home’s decor. We’ve got your foolproof guide to building a gallery wall.

Watch this: Build a gallery wall perfectly every time


Just like hanging up photos and art, mounting your TV on the wall can feel intimidating. It’s a great way to position your TV perfectly in your space, but you need to have a game plan to do it right. Otherwise, you might end up with your pricey new TV smashed on the floor.

Here are the 7 things you should consider before you mount your TV on the wall.

11 cheap ways to make your home smarter




Decorate with the Internet

If it’s time to retire your couch or dining room table, harness the power of augmented reality to find a replacement. There are several apps out there that can show you how that new sofa or coffee table you’re eyeing will look in your existing room.

With a few taps, you can see in real time if the color or design clashes with what you have, or if the furniture you want is too small for your space.

Buying a rug online is a good way to save a few hundred dollars. But without seeing the rug in person, it can feel scary. Check out our guide for everything you need to know about shopping for rugs online to make the process painless.

Small upgrades, big impact

Upgrading your kitchen on a budget can seem impossible, but it’s really not! Forget about new countertops or cabinets; you can easily breathe new life into your kitchen with many inexpensive and easy changes. A consistent color scheme and some new knobs can go a long way to creating a kitchen that feels fresh.

Most of these aren’t permanent, which is great if you’re renting and want to get your deposit back.

Make tech blend into your space

It’s exciting to bring new tech into your home, but it can also easily clash with your interior design. Smart speakers can look out of place, TVs can create a big, black hole on your wall and cables can look messy. The good news is that it’s not hard to create harmony between gadgets and decor.

Before you purchase any smart devices, think about how their aesthetic will work in your home. If you can, pick smart devices in colors that work well for your space, so that they blend into the background instead of sticking out.

Cord management can also go a long way to help a smart speaker or security camera look at home in your kitchen or living room.

6 products to organize all of your messy cords




If you do want to drop some serious cash, consider upgrading your TV to one that blends into your decor. Samsung’s The Frame TV literally looks like a framed piece of art on your wall, and has a catalog of available art so you can change it every hour, every day or whenever you want.

Use plants to bring some life into your decor.

Bring in some green

Nothing can add life to a space quite like plants. They are great for maintaining air quality and they add an organic element to your decor.

If you consider yourself a black thumb, hope is not all lost. There are plenty of plants you can successfully grow indoors without a ton of effort.

Consider starting with an indoor herb garden. Just a pot or two and some space in your kitchen is all you need. If you pick herbs that need a lot of water, like basil, try one of these watering tricks to keep them hydrated.

How To Hang A Wall Art Gallery in your Nigerian Homes

hanging art on wall with level

Hanging art on your walls can be a nerve-wracking process, especially if you’re even the tiniest bit of a perfectionist. You don’t want to litter the wall with holes trying to get it right.

Chances are, you’ve been doing it wrong all along. Let us help you hang wall art properly the first time… every time.

Now playing: Build a gallery wall perfectly every time


The tools and supplies you’ll need:


How to hang art perfectly

Step 1: Place the frame you want to hang on a piece of craft paper. Using a pencil or pen, trace around the frame and cut out the template.


Step 2: Mark on the paper where the frame’s hanging hardware is. Then measure the distance between the top of the frame and the hanging point.

Chris Parker/CNET

Step 3: Transfer that measurement to the paper.


Step 4: Use painter’s tape to temporarily adhere the template to the wall.


Step 5: Take a step back and examine the template to make sure that spot is where you want to hang the art before you nail.

If that spot looks and feels right, nail into the center of the mark you made on the template.


Step 6: Tear away the template and tape. Hang up your art and check that it is level.

And you’re done! If you’ve done this correctly, you will have avoided multiple attempts at hanging the art and littering your wall with holes.

Now that the stress of hanging art is gone, it’s time to look for new, affordable art for your walls.

Picture Frames

At the Talk Frames Shop in Lagos we offer a wide range of ready made photo frames and picture frames.  The collection of our readymade picture frames are unique to Talk Frames and are made in the USA and Great Britain, alongside our archival, made to measure picture framing services that offer international quality from our local skilled framing team.  We offer photo frames in all sizes and styles and stay on top of the latest interior design trends to ensure we bring you the very best in choice, quality and affordability.

Talk Frames sell photo frames in all popular photo sizes including 4×6 picture frames, 5×7 picture frames and 8×10 picture frames as well as all other popular sizes.  You can buy our readymade photo frames in many styles, including, vintage picture frames, shabby chic photo frames, classic, modern, traditional and unusual silver plated photo frames, contemporary picture frames, artistic gallery frames, rustic and farmhouse style picture frames, brass and dark wood picture frames and occasional photo frames.  As our brands are unique to Talk Frames, you can be guaranteed that you will aways find something different to shop for in Lagos when visiting Talk Frames.   

Buying Picture Frames with Talk Frames and Beau & Weng

Here are a few tips and hints on shopping for picture frames.

Look for picture frames that complement your photographs.

Whether you are printing your own pictures with Talk Frames and our instant printing services, providing photos you have already printed elsewhere or are printing photos from a Talk Frames photo shoot, consider the subjects, colours, textures and style in your photos before buying picture frames – the team at Talk Frames is expert in advising on some great choices and are happy to help. 

Choose between wall and tabletop frames

Consider the design and style of your home, business or rental property, when you buy picture and photo frames from Talk Frames. If you have a lot of shelving and standalone furniture, such as side tables and dressers, you may want to look at our collection of tabletop photo frames as finishing pieces for you statement look. A few 5×7 picture frames filled with your best printed photos can really enhance your living and work space.  If you would like to make your artwork or photos more of a focal point in your property, hang a few wall frames on an open wall or talk to us about designing a picture wall.   Look for wall frames in the same colour and style to create a simple, contemporary gallery style exhibition in your own home or mix picture frames in multiple colors and styles and design for a either an avant-garde or rustic feel.

Choose colours, textures and styles of frames that work well with your home or other property

If your home is decorated simply and is timeless, yet features modern furniture, you’ll probably want to look for simple gallery style black or white picture frames, which are classic and neutral and work well in any environment.  If you’d like an even more modern look, buy picture frames from Talk Frames that feature extra glass for a “floating” look or check out our  photo frames with a thin rim instead of a thick outer frame. You may also wish to speak to us about our ready to hang printed range of professional photo enlargement abvailable in a variety of prints-on-canvas, prints on glass or perspex and other Talk Frames favourites such as the “block frame” and “shadow gap”.  Complement a more traditional home with wood picture frames in shades that match your furniture. Light wood frames will look great with vintage decor, while darker wood frames look more elegant and can complement a more classic or traditional design.  At Talk Frames we have readymade photo frames  to compliment al interior design styles for properties in Malta, Europe and throughout the world.

Photo Frames for Social Media Images and Other Shared Photos

We can print from your phone, tablet or any other device.  You can even connect directly with Facebook and Instagram to print your pictures at Talk Frames.  This is a quick, easy, high quality and affordable printing service available from the Talk Frames Shop in Victoria, Lagos, Malta.  We offer a selection of square frames ideal for getting your awesome and much liked Facebook profile photo or inspiring Instagram image into print and on to your wall or table top.  Not only is this great for you – this is a unique and thoughtful gift option.  Shop with Talk Frames to give more to those that you love the most.

Shopping and Gift Vouchers at Talk Frames

Our readymade photo frames and other photo gifts and stationary are available from Beau & Weng at the Talk Frames photo shop and can also be gifted with our in-store gift vouchers now also available to purchase online at www.thisishush.com

The Importance of Picture Frames in Your Home in Nigeria


Every house in Nigeria has its personality and its definition. Everything in the home contributes to this personality and meaning, and if we say that wall art is the most important contributor, it’s not that wrong at all. 

Picture frames not only define the personality of the house, but they also depict the aesthetic sense of the people living in that house. The kind of art that you put up will describe your knowledge of creativity. Hence picture frames are an essential part of the interior design of the property. Usually, it is given the least importance and dealt with at the end of the whole decoration of the house, but the truth is that it should be a part of the entire décor of the home from the very beginning.

The Importance of Picture Frames in the Interior Design

If you know what kind of art, you are interested in, then you must also consider the type of color scheme you are choosing for the house. Picture frames and the color scheme of the house go hand in hand. They must work together to give a fantastic final result. You can’t have a bright wall paint and then fill the wall with even brighter picture frames, that doesn’t work.
Let’s make a list of some of the most important reasons why wall art makes an essential part of the interior design of the house.

It makes it easier to choose the color scheme of the house

Choosing the right paint colors for the home can be very difficult. But you know what if you select the wall at first, it can get a lot easier for you. Once you have the frames, you can choose colors from these wall arts and make a scheme for the whole house. The colors of frames and the paint colors of the walls must coordinate with each other.

They can instantly draw attention to themselves

Every home needs something that catches the instant recognition of the people coming to the house. Wall art has this capability. If you have something unique and you have put up some interesting wall art, it will instantly draw the attention to itself. It will give your house a focal point.

It provides a finishing to the room

A room without a wall art looks incomplete, and something remains missing. A sound wall art, however, gives a finishing to the house. It’s like giving a final touch to a product. It provides the house with a smooth look. If everything in the room is well coordinated with each other, the office will have a perfect finish.

They carry your message

When you go to someone’s house, and they have all their family photos hung up on the walls, you get the message of their family bonding and all their stories. When you go to someone’s home, and they have some highly artistic frames, you get the message of their love for art. So, what’s your message? Your picture frames will convey your message. What you love, what are the stories of your life? Pictures can say it all.

Let me tell you where you can find some of the best picture frames that look like they have just been made for you. It is the Universal Arquati. They make some of the most amazing picture frames that have been specifically made to fit in different kinds of interior design.

They make picture frames from different materials including wood, metal, etc. They have the most natural looking finishes to the structures so that these frames look classy, stylish and add to the personality of the house