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Talkframes has a wide collection of amazing and attractive frames online for every single category including corporate world, pictures and home decor. We additionally have framed posters for your home and living room, kitchen room, which are truly interesting. We have frames for the gym, which will truly compel you to do a lot of activity and help maintain your body fit. These frames of motivational quotes can straightforwardly be placed on the wall that you need to adorn.

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Photo Framing

Picture Frame Style & Prices

Your private space where you love to relax and live valuable moments is your home. Therefore, home decor is important because you need it to be the perfect space to interact with your family and relatives.

Picture frame sizes and prices in nigeria can come in many various forms. The most popular choice being a flat black frame, which tends to work with any artwork. Our styles include the modern flat frames in a range of different colours, as well as more traditional frames, including natural wood frames and stained wood frames. Prices range from 4,500 to 30,000 depending on the size and style of framing.

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Personal Picture Frames

Our wall frames are fashionable and upgrade the look of your own home. Certainly, it’s a great option to deliver to others and seal beautiful emotional bonds.

Your personal picture fitted in our picture frames will make your home decor extra revolutionary and stylish.

You can also gift Personal Picture Frames to your friends and precious ones.

Get the official picture frame of Bola Ahmed Tinubu here. The president of Nigeria official portrait photo with size 12 x 16 inches.

On this page, you’ll find top picture frames for Nigerian Governors, presidents, Popular pastors, etc.

Picture frames are used to display our Favourite Images, Motivational Quotes, our Office Documents and are also used as great gift ideas for birthdays, and other special occasions.

Apart from the above purposes, I am convinced you’ve seen picture frames of Nigerian Governors sitting pretty on cooperative settings.

It is no longer news that most businesses, organizations, political offices, banks, schools, and companies demand picture frames of their state Governors, President, and maybe the CEO and general manager, etc.



picture frames nigeria

Is there disrespect to the constituted authority when there aren’t picture frames adorning the walls of corporate organizations?

Does Nigeria have some kind of law that deems this practice highly acceptable and mandatory?



picture frames nigeria

Does your company, office, church, school, etc. need beautiful & quality Photo Frames, displaying the official Portraits of the President and Governors in Nigeria?

TalkFrames builds picture frames of all types and sizes;

  1. Picture frames with glass
  2. Picture frames without glass
  3. Royalty Frames without glass
  4. Acrylic Picture frames
  5. Canvas Wraps frames etc.

We can source quality images for any Governor in Nigeria and use them for picture enlargement…

Below you’ll find the cost of picture frames, however, we also offer great discounts for bulk and wholesale orders.

Please contact us via Tel/Whatsapp: +2347066248835



The cost of framing images of Nigerian Governors and President depends on:

  1. Size of the Frames: Larger frames always cost more than smaller frame sizes.
  2. Type and Quality of the Picture Frames: The cost of the framing materials plays a role in the price of the photo frames.

With our offerings starting at just 8k, we have 12x16in, 16x20in, 18x24in, 24x36in, and any sizes of your choice.

Find out the estimated Cost of picture framing in Nigeria.


Picture frames of Bola Ahmed Tinubu – Nigerian President. 

The best portrait frame to display Bola Ahmed Tinubu (President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria) is available here.


Picture frames of Lagos State Governor – Sanwo Olu

At very affordable rates, you can buy a very durable and beautiful portrait frame of Governor Sanwo Olu (Lagos state governor) and other governors in Nigeria


Picture frames of Rivers State Governor – Sim Fubara


We offer durable and beautiful portrait frames for governors in Nigeria at very affordable prices, such as Sim Fubara (Governor of Rivers State).





Picture frames of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Buy durable and beautiful portrait frames of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy)


Picture frames of Pastor David Ibiyeomie 

picture frames nigeria

Get photo frames of Pastor David Ibiyeomie (founder and president of Salvation Ministries) and other great pastors in Nigeria at very affordable prices


Picture frames of Pastor Paul Eneche

At very affordable prices, buy portrait frames of Pastor Paul Eneche (founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center) and other great pastors in Nigeria


Picture frames of Bishop David Oyedepo

Photo frames of Bishop David Oyedepo (Great Author and Founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide) and other great pastors in Nigeria can be purchased at very affordable prices in our collection of durable and beautiful portrait frames




If you’ve been meaning to spice up your home’s bare walls, your photo app is overflowing with unforgettable memories, and your social media’s “like” tab is filled with beautiful images, you owe it to yourself to learn how easy it is to order premium framed art online. Whether you need an extra-large statement piece in a stunning frame, or an assortment of charming, minimalist, framed smartphone snapshots to cheer up your space, many businesses make uploading an image and pairing it with the perfect frame a breeze.

Since nothing is more disappointing than receiving a sub-par framed print for which you’ve overpaid, We offer the best online framing services, offering the widest array of framing options and styles, a streamlined design process, and the highest quality prints you can find on the internet.

What to consider when using an online framing service


Look for features that indicate that the service’s prints and frames were made for longevity, such as ultraviolet-protected acrylic to prevent fading, and premium archival materials (cotton mat boards, acid-free tape, etc.) that keep your illustrations and photos from deteriorating over the years.

Variety and versatility

The best printing services will often offer customers a huge range of options, including frames of many sizes, colors, and materials such as wood, plastic, and metal, an archive of existing prints to browse through, and an adaptable image editing app so buyers can easily resize, rotate, and crop uploaded images so they fit within their preferred frame.


Online framing services vary wildly in price from affordable to fairly expensive, depending on the size, type of frame, the customization options you want, shipping and handling fees, and other factors. Extra-large pieces and extravagant custom orders are likely to be on the pricier side, so it’s worth comparing costs and services across multiple companies to find the business best suited to your project and budget.

Customer service

Since you’re ordering a special framed item and may not be a design expert yourself, a good online framing brand’s customer service is always an email away to make sure your art is properly aligned and photos are crystal-clear before you buy. The best online framing services pride themselves on helping customers select the best frame for their art, double-check that uploaded images will be crisp and vibrant for the printer, and field questions throughout the customization and ordering processes.

The best online framing service

It’s difficult to find an online framing service that maintains a balance between affordability and quality, but the simple, inexpensive, and well-made framed prints. Talkframes offers are your best option for budget-friendly framed art. Even our largest frames are modestly priced, and with an assortment of styles and colors to choose from, fast shipping, and the fact that each order is locally handmade, Talkframes Ready-Made-Frames is an excellent option for getting more while spending less.

What we like:

  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Large variety of frames
  • Hand-assembled frames

What we don’t like:

  • Its only image-editing feature is a crop tool, so plan on uploading pre-edited or perfect images

The bottom line:

Everyone has a handful of favorite photos on their phone, and Talkframes is the easiest and most budget-friendly way to get those memories on the wall where they belong.